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Pothole Repair

Driveway Sealing provides quick and reliable pothole repair services that will not only solve your pothole issue but will prevent further damage. Using only the industry’s finest materials, you can rest assured that your repair will remain in-tact for years to come.

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Driveway Sealing’s Pothole Repair and Diagnosis

It’s important to regularly carry out inspections for pavement rehabilitation and maintenance. In a case where a pothole has already formed, the repair should be done as soon as possible.

Once a pothole forms, the area around the pothole becomes weakened due to the dispersion of water below the surface, which compromises the region and can lead to collapse causing additional pothole formation around the original one. An early repair will make for an easy, less expensive repair.

Damage Assessment with our Asphalt Repair Team

Our paving contractors assess the damage to your pavement by the conventional manual visual inspection. It is carried out to outline the severity of the asphalt pothole or crack and to determine the type of repair to be made. Here are some ways in which we assess an asphalt driveway with a crack or pothole:

  • Remove any debris or water in the hole.
  • Determine the depth and diameter of the pothole.
  • Assess the extent of the damage.

Executing Effective Asphalt Repair

We use a spray or a compressed air gun to remove any debris that would obstruct filling every ounce of space in the pothole. This is imperative so that we can remove any asphalt pieces protruding to create an avenue for easy and proper filling. Sometimes this means expanding the hole before treating it. Our modern equipment allows us to do this efficiently and effectively without causing unnecessary damage.

Our job depends on the depth of the pothole. If the pothole is less than half an inch deep, one of our specially formulated asphalt emulsion fillers can be used to fill the hole quickly. If the hole is larger, we’ll fill it with crushed gravel, sand, or clay mixed with crushed gravel because of its binding and abrasive capacities.

After filling the pothole with crushed gravel and clay we then compress and compact each pothole with asphalt making sure it will be level. After the asphalt patch has cured, we then apply one of our top-rated asphalt sealants to prevent air from getting to the patch allowing it to harden properly.

Quality Pothole Repairs Guaranteed

We guarantee that our work will exceed your expectations. Our quick and thorough repairs can last between 7-10 years and can be extended to 20 years if used alongside our regular paving maintenance services. To learn more about our maintenance plans, get in touch with us today.

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