Parking Lot Striping in Gaithersburg

A reputable parking lot painting company is your best ally in getting bright, amply spaced, properly placed lines, and clear signals.  If you are that property manager, go with the best parking lot painting company in the area. Choose Driveway Sealing for all your parking lot striping needs.

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Driveway Sealing Parking Lot Lines and Logos

We strive to serve the local area with the best, speediest parking lot painting.  We study the laws and by-laws for zoning codes, traffic regulations, and service to the disabled. When you hire us, you’re never at risk for outdated information and mistaken markings. 

We use premium paints, primers, and sealants in the brightest colors and longest-lasting finishes in the industry.  Our machinery is cutting edge and maintained for continued performance on your pavement.  And we have stencils for letters, numbers and custom logos alike.

We are in it to be the best.  We give the best customer service. We deliver the best product. We offer the best rates.  Call now to take advantage.

Professional Parking Lot Lines

When you call our paving contractors, you can sit back and relax. The worn-out lines that no longer delineate where people can and can’t park will be a thing of the past. New, clear, easily visible lines will ease the driving and parking situation for all motorists. And you can keep your calculator in the drawer. The math and science of striping parking lots is our day-to-day.  The complex calculations deciding the best angles for your lines with the right spacing between is simple for us.  It’s what we do! 

We mark out your emergency lanes and indicate how traffic must flow. Safety for all who encounter your lot is our priority.  We consider everything. We assess the project to foresee issues, prepare the property and your tenants, residents, clients, and customers for day one. 

Our Parking Lot Striping Services

When you hire us, you can expect:

  • Power washing the pavement to remove stains
  • Cleaning the dried surface to free it of debris
  • Blacking out of old lines
  • Painting with handheld sprayers and high-tech line stripers
  • Markings for handicap spots, reserved spots, numbers
  • Markings for direction, yields, stops, no-stop areas
  • Adherence to laws and codes
  • Painting of curbs, speed bumps, posts, barriers
  • Bright paint in white, yellow, blue, red or custom colors at your request
  • Signage and custom demarcating

With our years of experience, you can rest assured knowing that you have the best in the industry working on your parking lot. Get in touch with us today.

Contact the Best Parking Lot Striping Company in Gaithersburg

We honor your legal and moral responsibility to ensure a safe environment for everyone who drives and walks in your parking lot. We don’t look at it as just painting pretty, straight lines. We look at it as our duty and yours to remove the possibility of incidents and injuries. 

All you need is our team. Call us now!