Driveway Maintenance in Gaithersburg

If your driveway is looking a little dull, has some cracks, or potholes, its time for maintenance. And in Stafford there is no one better to call than Driveway Sealing. Our driveway maintenance service is what every driveway needs. Your curb appeal will stay in the top ranks with our driveway maintenance team on the job.

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Driveway Assessments by Driveway Sealing’s Contractors

Regular check-ups mean optimal performance. Neglect means headaches and costs. Our wide array of driveway maintenance services secures the base layers, the surface layer, and your driveway’s overall longevity. 

A maintained driveway prevents major repairs, resurfacing, and replacement.  That should be the goal of every property owner.  Not to mention, a forever-smooth driveway is the envy of the neighborhood.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your no-obligation assessment and consultation appointment. Having a beautiful driveway has never been easier.

Masters of Blacktop Driveway Maintenance

A sleek, striking blacktop is the ultimate goal of every property owner when it comes to their driveway. The most visually appealing asphalt driveway is also the most durable. This look is achieved when professionals like us apply a proper amount of sealcoating regularly. A sealcoat will protect the surface of your driveway for years and will help it retain its bold beauty too.  

Leave your minor repairs and regular sealing to us. We will keep your blacktop in premium condition with these services and care:

Power Cleaning

Allowing oil spills to soak into your blacktop threatens your asphalt surface, leading to deterioration, followed by cracking. We’ll be sure to remove oil, grease, or fuel spills from the onset.

Crack Filling

We will assess the severity of the crack and whether it’s an issue on the surface or below that is causing it. This way we avoid band-aid repairs that are temporary and treat the problem before it develops. 


The most vulnerable part of your asphalt driveway is the sides. The sides have less base support, and keeping plants at bay is a challenge. When they do invade your asphalt or concrete driveway, root growth will lead to cracking. Stop them in their tracks with our effective edging maintenance.

Kings of Concrete Driveway Maintenance

It’s hard to beat the durability of a concrete driveway.  A well-mixed concrete driveway will last up to 30 years. But it’s a common misconception that once it’s down, it’s automatically going to deliver throughout those three decades. Like asphalt, concrete driveway maintenance is necessary to conserve that longevity. Cracks are inevitable, and when left un-repaired, they will grow. 

Our team of paving contractors expertly fill cracks and keep your concrete well sealed. We also offer options like patterns, textures, and faux finishes to make your concrete really stand out.

Contact the Best Driveway Maintenance in Gaithersburg

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