Crack Repair in Gaithersburg

Dealing with cracks immediately is the key to elongating the quality and lifespan of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Turn to the trusted, skilled paving contractors at Driveway Sealing to do the work correctly. We’ll prevent further asphalt repairs and the risk of cracks returning. 

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Driveway Sealing Asphalt Crack Repair Assessments

Many people make the biggest mistake possible in asphalt repair by skipping the essential first step: assessment. To determine the severity of the damage and the proper way to address it, the inspection of the existing pavement must be thorough.  There is no other way to deliver a cost-effective and durable end result. 

Chemical staining, improper initial installation, and wear and tear can all cause asphalt to crack. The base must also always be investigated as a potential cause of the cracking.  If this isn’t done, the repair is simply a bandaid to a much bigger, costly problem. Once we ensure the integrity of your driveway, we can then begin crack repair

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Asphalt Repairs That Last

Until your driveway or parking lot’s cracks are filled, water will penetrate and weaken its base layers.  A weakened base means an unsupported surface vulnerable to more damage.  This is also the case if the cracks aren’t filled and sealed properly.

Other companies commonly use the wrong product in the wrong amounts.  Over-sealing is also an unfortunate error when the driveway is repaired by amateurs.  They often think their work is comparable to the experts when in reality their errors worsen the problems they intended to solve.  By then it’s too late.  The money has been spent, and the damage to the driveway has been done. 

We promise that we will never leave you in this scenario.  We will use the hot or cold mix asphalt your pavement needs.  We will patch, fill, or use spray-injection based on what’s optimal for you.  Whichever method is selected, our work is guaranteed to maintain the longevity of the asphalt. 

Quality Asphalt Crack Repair You Can Rely On

When you hire our team, you will find that we are easy to deal with, solution-based, straightforward, and reliable.  We are dedicated to always having the most modern technology and products to share with you too.  We respect you as consumers and want all pavement we work on to remain in tip-top shape long after we are done with it.

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So many of your local neighbors and businesses have supported us because we are reputed to please. This is how we have come to repair countless driveways, parking lots, and public asphalt surfaces in the area. 

Referrals are always available on request, and estimates and assessments are dependable.  Contact us now with any questions or to set up your first appointment.  We can’t wait to kick your asphalt cracks to the curb!