Asphalt Repair in Gaithersburg

Whether you own a commercial property or a residential complex, Driveway Sealing is the name to know for all your asphalt repair needs. Our training and extensive experience have made us the local area’s first choice for asphalt repair services. And we can’t wait to uphold our unrivaled reputation when working with you.

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Driveway Sealing’s Expert Asphalt Repair Assessments

It’s important to know that the first step to any form of an asphalt driveway repair is an assessment.  You want assurance that the new work you are shelling out for will last.  Knowledge of what lies beneath your driveway’s surface is the prerequisite for lasting results. Don’t fall victim to surface asphalt patches and pothole repairs alone. Band-aid repairs aren’t our style.  We don’t want you to call us disappointed that our recent work is already showing signs of distress.  We won’t ever allow for that.

Our specialists will survey your existing problems and come up with solutions before the first move we make toward repairs.  Our professionalism and experience will be obvious from the onset of meeting us.

Asphalt Patch

Even the smallest cracks must be addressed, or they will develop into large cracks that require far more elaborate and costly repairs. Fine new cracks can be treated with an asphalt patch. 

An asphalt patch isn’t as simple to apply as it sounds.  Care must be taken to make sure it is the appropriate repair to the crack(s) in question.  Areas must be properly cleaned, filled, leveled and sealed. With us, you get all that and more!

Pothole Repairs

Potholes are a hideous eyesore and an exacerbating nuisance. Bad enough we have to deal with them on the roads but in our own driveways and parking lots?  No thank you. 

Our team will rid you of potholes before they continue to crumble into swimming holes. Our professional paving contractors will stabilize the repair by excavating around the pothole. We’ll clean and clear the area, then fill the hole, and use either cold or hot asphalt mix to create the new surface. Then we’ll compact it, leaving it level and flush with your existing driveway top. 

Blacktop Resurfacing

The best way to get a long-lasting, seamless, unified repaired driveway is with resurfacing.  Unnecessary for small maintenance that resolves with patching, it’s the ideal solution for serious damage and failing asphalt.  An asphalt driveway comes with an expiry date of about 20 years, assuming the initial installation was done properly with a strong base. 

You’ll know your driveway’s time is up by looking at it.  Fading, ground-in stains, ruptures, cracks and potholes will likely be found.  Walking and driving on it will be increasingly unsafe and uncomfortable.  You’ll probably observe it weakening under the weight as the foundation starts to fail. This is where our resurfacing services come in. Your driveway will look brand new with a price tag that will impress.  Get in touch with us today to see if your pavement qualifies.

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